What Prompted Niantic to Remove the Pokemon Go Tracking Tool?

So, Pokemon Go is one of the hottest crazes right now but its user base has been steadily declining just weeks after the game’s release.

I think it is pretty common in people to grow tired of something after quite some time but as to why people are quitting Pokemon Go is because of an entirely different reason.

You see, there is a game-breaking bug that has happened just a few days ago and it is one people deem as the “three-step” bug.

This bug happens when you use the built-in Pokemon tracking tool. The premise of the tracking tool is simple: all you have to do is use it to track a Pokemon’s footsteps. After which, you walk a couple of paces in the right direction and the footsteps begin to disappear. Once you get near, the Pokemon’s shadow should appear and then you will tap it to give you the chance to catch it.

Unfortunately, what happens is that whenever there are three steps left, people cannot seem to find the Pokemon despite going to different directions. The tracker seems to lock up to three steps from the Pokemon and no matter what you do, the Pokemon never seems to appear.

Because of this game-breaking bug, Niantic removed the tool altogether without releasing a statement when it will come back.

Obviously, because of the popularity of the game, they will fix it as soon as possible. But, they have to give a time frame for people since, well, if you do not give them the assurance, they will really become irate.

That is definitely true since a lot of people have already used the game’s microtransactions feature to help finance the game.

But, because of the removal of the Pokemon tracking tool, a lot of people wanted to get refunds and they want it as quickly as possible.

It would’ve been okay, really, if the company did not issue a cease and desist order against third-party tracking websites.

Websites such as Pokevision, for example, would have been a more efficient alternative because it was really accurate in pinpointing a Pokemon’s exact location in your area (making it even more accurate than the in-game tracking tool).

It has been a really tough week for Niantic and what’s worse, the CEO of the company got his Twitter account hacked, probably because of the outrage that the new patch has caused.

Furthermore, according to SurveyMonkey, the game’s popularity was on a steady decline. It peaked at its highest on July 14 and since then, the game’s player base started to decline at a steady rate.

With this recent fiasco, the game is sure to lose a lot of players. Even more so because Niantic didn’t issue a statement about when they will implement the Pokemon tracking tool again.

It is interesting how Niantic will rise up from this seeing that the company was mired in a lot of difficulties in the past few days.

I really enjoyed playing Pokemon Go but with the recent changes, it is really hard for me and anyone else to get a really fun gameplay out of it. Hopefully, the company is quick to resolve this, otherwise, they are going to lose a lot of players in the near future.