The Different Types of IP Cameras You Should Know About

You’re probably convinced that getting an IP camera would be a wise choice, especially if you’re suspecting that your building is not safe.

IP cameras give you the confidence because it allows you to see your premises in real-time without you being physically present at the venue.

Now, before you go out on the market to buy one (or many) IP cameras, you should know something more about it.

You see, there are different types of IP cameras and they can affect the price and your decision in buying them.

So in this article, I will talk about the different types of IP cameras you should know about before you make the purchase.

1. Fixed IP Cameras. As the name implies, Fixed IP cameras can only be installed one way. Once it is installed, it can only give you footage at a specific angle as the camera’s lens will not be able to pan, tilt, or swivel like other types of IP cameras. Because of its limited coverage, Fixed IP cameras tend to be a lot cheaper than other types of IP cameras. If this will be your first time buying one, I highly recommend you skip this one and buy another type of IP camera. Fixed IP cameras should only be purchased if you’re willing to buy more than one of them, otherwise, choose another type of IP camera.

2. Fixed Dome IP Cameras. Fixed Dome IP cameras are the same as Fixed IP cameras with the exception that it is encased in a small dome. This dome serves as its house and it usually is covered in black. This will make it hard for perpetrators to see where the camera is currently pointing at. Again, I do not recommend buying fixed dome IP cameras if you’re only going to buy one. If you’re going to buy in bulk, I will recommend them as they are dustproof and weatherproof as well.

3. PTZ Camera. PTZ stands for “Pan, Tilt, Zoom”. This type of IP camera does just that. Using the IP camera’s software, you can command the IP camera to do surveillance at any angle. Each PTZ camera is different and it depends on the manufacturer. Some PTZ IP Cameras can pan, tilt, or zoom at a 180-degree angle, while others, not so much. If you’re buying PTZ IP cameras, make sure to buy one with a 180-degree angle tilt or higher.

4. PTZ Dome IP Cameras. Much like their Fixed dome counterparts, PTZ Dome IP Cameras are much the same way as the PTZ camera with the exception that it is enclosed inside a dome. If you’re buying your first IP camera, I highly recommend the PTZ Dome IP cameras. Because it is encased in a rather dark dome, it will be hard for bad guys to see where the camera is currently pointing at. Furthermore, most companies make a 360-degree tilt PTZ Dome IP cameras, making this the best choice for first-time buyers. Do remember that because of its features, the PTZ Dome IP cameras are the most expensive among the other types of IP cameras.

There you have it. I hope that this article has made it clearer to you on which type of IP camera you should get.

To recap, if you’re on a budget, get the Fixed variant. If you can dish out the money but buy only one IP camera, get the PTZ Dome IP Camera.