The Nintendo 3DS r4 card

Have you been thinking about purchasing a new R4 3DS? If so, congratulations! You are well on your way to tone of homebrew games, experimental apps, media storage, and more. But what systems might your R4 3DS card be compatible with? There are some things you should know before you purchase and begin to use an R4 3DS card. Here, we will talk about just what systems will work with these sorts of cards. We will also talk about which systems will not accept these sorts of memory cards.

Nintendo DS Lite

Newer Nintendo DS lite models will accept most R4 3DS cards. All you have to do is format the card directly using the USB cord. Download the correct software to your computer, then plug in the USB port with your microSD card plugged in. Just copy all the media and game files (unzipped, that is) from your computer over to your device. You can then safely eject hardware. Plug the SD card into your R4 3DS card. Use it in your DS lite just like you would any other game. After you power-up, you can select your games, music, or books.

Older Nintendo DS

What if you have an older Nintendo DS? The great news is that An R4 3DS card will still work with your system! You can set-up your new R4 3DS card in (nearly) the same way that you would on the DS lite. You may have to download a different type of software to your computer, however. The R4 3DS will give your older Nintendo DS all the capabilities that it will give any other device. You can use it to play music, save data, or use downloaded and homebrew games, instantly.

Nintendo DSi

An R4 3DS flashcard will not work with newer Nintendo DSi systems. Instead, you will need to purchase an R4i.  An R4i card works in much the same way as an R4 3DS. However, it will only work with the new Nintendo DSi. Just like an R4 3DS, this card can allow you to save progress, store media files, play downloaded or homebrew games, and more. You can even watch movies while on the go with this powerful addition. All you need is an R4i cartridge, the USB cable, the right software, and a microSD card, just like described above. The process is so simple!